Risk Management

Underwriting the risk of the specific start up - Beyond Blue would do it own due diligence for the start ups or where the companies are not able to quality due to..., ...restrictions.

For Innovative Products - Concept formation, required customer engagement, fall back support.

Supporting Start-ups - Management, capital, manpower, infrastructure for the committed start up.

Governance - Good governance is a must, Regulations, transparency, policies and fair practices. Where there is a will there is way to achieve governance.

Management System Implementation - As part of the implementation of the internal processes, set up in integrated management system covering the statutory, brand or assurance requirement of the customer.

Information Security - Running across the information chain and hence the components for the information security. Work on the relevant security. Decide based on your need to address the requirement. Regular information security requirements may be institutionalized.

Legal & Regulatory set up, Company Structure - Strategic and operational support for the board, the company structure, legal requirement, the regulatory support during the initial and expansion stages of the company.

Leadership Programmes