Value Sourcing

Sourcing Strategy - Define this in term of the overall objectives of the company running across the value chain. The partnership with the vendor and the integration required. Strong suppliers base. Build a strong team of vendors based on the strategy covering the supply chain and geography. The vendors responsiveness and ability to give due attention may be very important

Effective Due Diligence - What are the parameters important to success? What is that the vendor must have as capability and experience that help them make it to the relevant work. Like overdesign of components have lots of vendors who may be too heavy for the organization. Select the right fit vendor.

Appropriate Compliance - Vendor compliance is part of the chain compliance and is part of the governance. What is considered is the minimum set of compliance that the vendor must adhere to ? Vendor policy must state the same. Vendor must have the appropriate time to respond.

Vendor Governance & Delivery Optimization - More appropriately for delivery governance and optimization for the services. The services need to be adequately defined for the right measure and improvement. Other outcomes include demand consolidation, service consolidation and capacity utilization. Cost will come down.

Investment, Potential Partner, Joint Venture - Based on you strategic intent, growth plans or volume planning, growth plan you need to have appropriate collaboration in place. Identify the investment opportunity, identify and help select the potential partner. JV help build improved stake and ownership, reduce the risk can be one of the options.

Leadership Programmes