Building Start-ups

The leadership begins with a idea, execution is at the top of the mind. Powerful idea not only need external resources but also needs conviction to make things happen. Besides the resources, it takes both guts and grit to make it happen.

This means a lot of responsibility and challenges, but it is also the path to leadership and success. Entrepreneurs innovate, they conceive and execute differently. Essential ingredient to success to include

  • Validation of the concept and the incubation of the idea to develop
  • Business plan and its verification for the right assumptions
  • Capital availability and required cash flow to oil the wheels of business
  • Monetize the idea to the realistic revenue lines with realistic time frames
  • Connect to the market and the sales efforts
  • Setting up structure, building business processes and decision making
  • Build credibility of the team , the idea and the organization
  • Attract right members in the team
Leadership Programmes