Growing Businesses

The business clearly states its intent to grow . In a normal cycle of the building up of the company , the basic grounding of the start up are already  in place, the initial ideas have been validated. It is the time to  review of the progress made and act on the consolidation. The structure, business process and the team may be revisited. 

The maturing of the entrepreneur, or building up of the existing corporate , now are looking at growth. While growth needs may emanate from the internal hunger of the promoter or the management team , it may be propelled by internal or external growth. The company now needs to identify the capital requirement and achieve the right capital mix for the success. The company looks at the growth opportunities, develops competencies and build the team to lead it to growth. 

Some of the essential for the ingredients for success

  • The revenue lines, the growth plans and the timelines
  • Identify additional the geography, products & services
  • Build relationships, collaborations and channels
  • Bring more resilience to the team, the structure and the scalability
  • Understanding the relevant stake holders and improved governance
  • Attract, develop and retain the stars,
  • Improve employability
Leadership Programmes