Strategic Execution and Operational Effectiveness

Defining Operational Strategy - The strategy must focus around enabling growth. Proactive effort and responsiveness both need to be built in. Agility in the operations aid the growth intent of the company. Standardization of the techniques to arrive at the decision to centralize or decentralize, buy vs hire, build the capability inhouse, license, or procure the IP

Enterprise Business Architecture - It actually has nothing to do with IT. Propose the overall constituent working within a company which can be utilized to give a growth outcome

Business Process Management - Review the responsiveness of the business processes. Simulate the execution and ensure relevant understanding and execution. Documentation where required. Change management is important. Involving partners and setting up the collaborative business processes help in acceptance.

Developing Information landscape - As part of the data compilation, record, transaction enablement, communication, integration with the business partners, and decision making information landscape is built.

Effective Program Management - All the key decisions may be executed as program. The program management involves all activities for a successful execution of the decision taken.

Implementing Internal Service Catalog - All operational services can be defined. These can be compiled to form a catalog. The catalog of service then needs to be provided by the external or internal vendor, monitored for the acceptable levels and tracked for improvement.

Effective Team - The team that plays together, wins together. The winning team build up is decided by the top management and their action, the values, the reward and recognitionand the way they interact. If it is important for the business, we need to work for the same.

Academia Industry Relationship - Building the right direction at the academia level, participation with the relevant members of the ecosystem and assistance them in assignment and job process.

Leadership Programmes