Building Revenue

Validation with the Market - Research, Expert feedback or POC for the concept and the stated revenue line items. Possibility of leveraging the existing revenue line items for growth.

Agreeing on the Strategic Intent - Do we need to strengthen the brand. Are there more ideas that can be pulled in achieving the objective ? What are the factors determining product line strategy and product positioning. Are the growth objective communicated to the stakeholders.

Understanding the Market Numbers - Demand forecasting, econometric modelling. Identifying new opportunity and define the likely numbers. Building the strategy for growth. Step to enable the ideas, organization, roles, people, market, channel, pace. The relevance of the board, advisory, management team, involvement of the employees. Collaborations, M&A, JV, SPV.

Building on Intellectual Property - Identify the relevant intellectual property. It depends on what really get classified as IP, the process behind it and the capability to be able to utilize the IP. Building on the IP

Capital Needs and Financial Structuring - The company needs to be able to generate sufficient capital based on the requirement. The needs are identified based on the plans and the capital gap that may result out of the investment or the capital flow requirements. Need to connect with the relevant institution at the right pricing Product strategy and feature development. Product and service features analysis, usability study, customer feedback. Augmenting product or product line.

Productive Employee - Productive team member makes substantial difference in the team. As a start up it is even more necessary to have the ownership for the task. The team inherently has lower capability to oversee and build management overheads. Networking can be a great advantage.

Benchmarking Across Industry - Identify the process, function, product or service to be benchmarked. Define the objectives. User research, questionnaire, expert advise to consolidate and report the finding. Recommend based in results. Carry out trend analysis.

Market Intelligence - What already exists in the market, What works and what does not? What are the entry barriers and the what is the attractiveness for the revenue line items. Is it fully understood ? Market gaps. Recommendations.

Customer Acquisition, Customer Relationship and the Network - The customer acquisition needs to be improved. Additional network, channel partner, collaborations, franchising models may be considered. Additional product line, segment, geographies, uses may be considered.

Leadership Programmes