Risk Management

Opportunity Risk - Along with demand forecasting, it is necessary to look at the parameters considers that shall help in estimating of the right value of opportunity. It may be necessary to marry the same with the strategic intent, restructure certain elements in the business deliver and review what is possible to be achieved.

Execution Risk - Having defined the right opportunity, based on the lead time for delivery, the execution, must begin. However if the time window available for response is shorter than required then, it may be required to review the delivery elements for rising to the commitments made. We need to reduce the execution risk.

Governance - Good governance is a must, Regulations, transparency, policies and fair practices. Where there is a will there is way to achieve governance.

Management System Implementation - As part of the implementation of the internal processes, set up in integrated management system covering the statutory, brand or assurance requirement of the customer.

Information Security - Running across the information chain and hence the components for the information security. Work on the relevant security. Decide based on your need to address the requirement. Regular information security requirements may be institutionalized.

Legal & Regulatory Set-Up, Company Structure - The growth in locations, office, products which may require relevant certifications, geographies, the changing norms from the government need to be responded. They can also be utilized to turn them into competitive advantage

Leadership Programmes