Managing Businesses

At this point the organization is on a reasonable stable wicket, the brand is established . The initial concept is proven, the company has had a reasonable track record. They have raised capital successfully in the past and do have the reasonable ability to raise the capital .

Some of the challenges that begin to appear are the need to fight complacency , company needs to be able to manage change .There is a tendency to build  bureaucracy , there is formation of layer in the company to  manage growth  and functions.  There is challenge not only to keep the employee within the payroll but also to keep them engaged, empower  or inspired. Delving in to research , bench marking , market study , customer study , product study also become necessary , innovation is desirable . Ability of the company to sustain the momentum is important

  • Brand, strategy , Brand protection
  • Expansion, portfolio, deep research , competitor analysis
  • Operations, optimization, organizational development, career planning
  • All statutory regulations,  Value identification, Essential policies must get institutionalised
  • Identifying new opportunities, evaluate & decide the action
  • Innovation and innovation management
  • Governance covering all stake holders
  • Society and strategy , Brand and corporate social responsibility
Leadership Programmes