Building Revenue

Agreeing on the Strategic Intent - Would you like to build on the brand. Do you really see the benefit in building the brand. Where you would like the brand to be, what are the factors determining product strategy and product positioning. Is the company moving on vision based strategy, or value based. Does the company rely on the experience to make a difference in the market or the company shows its ability to build expertise to hold on the market. The intent is important.

Understanding the Market Numbers - Demand forecasting, econometric modelling. Review opportunity and validating the possible numbers from multiple sources. There is a premium on these numbers as they directly effect the production plan, inventory, cash flow requirement, market understanding and planning for the market share.

Service and Products Concepts - The battle may still may fought with new product and service concepts. Differentiation shall help, but not without the requisite focus on research and the cash requirement for such activities.

Validation with the Market - internal cross- functional team. Research, Expert feedback or POC for the new concept and the stated revenue line items. Internal cross functional teams or the collaborative project teams work in internal validations and refining the concept which shall have higher chances of success in the market place.

Building the Strategy - Step to enable the ideas, organization, roles, people, market, channel, pace. Review the board, advisory, management team and the right players.

Building on Intellectual Property and Patent Protection - Identify the relevant intellectual property on the regular basis. Capitalizing on the patent, patent protection are important.

Product Strategy and Feature Development - Product and service features analysis, usability study, customer feedback. Augmenting product or product line.

Productive Employee - Productive team member makes substantial difference in the team. As a start up it is even more necessary to have the ownership for the task. The team inherently has lower capability to oversee and build management overheads. Networking can be a great advantage.

Benchmarking Across Industry - Identify the process, function, product or service to be benchmarked. Define the objectives. User research, questionnaire, expert advise to consolidate and report the finding. Recommend based in results. Carry out trend analysis.

Market Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence - Country research, Industry research, competitor research may become important. Beyond strategy it may be necessary to look at the processes, systems that lead to the revenue growth and its sustenance.

Leadership Programmes